Learn how to improve your Software Development or Business Intelligence processes using modern Agile project management in a fun, friendly and effective way!

Traditional software project management is based on hierarchically driven, fixed outcome systems and processes. Agile project management, however, is an iterative planning & development approach that can be applied, day-to-day, to improve overall quality and customer satisfaction.

OrangeScrum - Getting Started OrangeScrum - Getting Started

OrangeScrum makes your project and task management much easier and user-friendly. Collaborate with diverse teams and deliver results faster.

Restyaboard Intro Restyaboard Intro

Restyaboard is a free and open-source Kanban board application - an open source Trello alternative.

Scrum with Tuleap Scrum with Tuleap

Scrum with Tuleap is intuitive, easy to start up, highly customizable, for teams of all sizes and integrated into the whole development lifecycle. Look at this video for an overview of the Scrum features in Tuleap.

Taiga.io Taiga.io

Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

Wekan Demo as an open source alternative to Trello Wekan Demo as an open source alternative to Trello

WeKan is an online tool that represents tasks visually. It's essentially an open source version of a popular web application called Trello. WeKan is based on an idea known as Kanban. Kanban was originally used to schedule tasks in factories. Tasks were represented on cards, which were moved through the production process as each step was completed.

Migrate to a Microsoft Github Alternative: Gitea Migrate to a Microsoft Github Alternative: Gitea

The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. Using Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across all platforms which Go supports.

Phabricator example Phabricator example

Phabricator is a set of tools for developing software. It includes applications for code review, repository hosting, bug tracking, project management, and more. Phabricator is powerful, fast, scalable, and completely open source.