Simple pricing with no set-up fees, no hidden charges, one-time payment


£30.00 1 month unlimited access(one-off payment)

  • Certification learning paths*


£120.00 12 months unlimited access(one-off payment)

  • Certification learning paths*


£1500.0012 months unlimited access(one-off payment)

  • 40 Hrs Online Tuition included

All plans include:

  1. Unlimited dedicated access to multiple application platforms with full admin permissions
  2. Community chat & support
  3. Hands-on labs: learn step-by-step using actual enterprise software
  4. Lab challenges: troubleshoot complex scenarios without guidance
  5. Certification learning paths*: get the knowledge and hands-on practice to get certified
  6. Mobile access: study anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices

Certification paths

  • Compoid has certification paths for many technical job roles. We are accredited by the Organization for new occupational opportunities (ONOO), meaning our training meets externally set benchmarks and standards. Each of these certifications consists of passing a technical challenge. The Compoid SaaS platform includes TeamCity continuous integration for Docker containers deployment which will be included in the technical description of the certificate.
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